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Kirwan Commission Report: Saving Public Education

The Kirwan Commission aims to create an equitable, world-class education system for Maryland.  Statewide averages mark deep inequities in opportunity for certain groups of students.  This inequality in outcomes is the direct result of disparities in access to opportunities to learn.

  1. For example:
  • Maryland students of color are less likely to have access to early childhood education.
  • Nearly half of Black and Latino students attend schools in one of the three most underfunded districts in the state. These students receive about $4,000 less per student than the Thornton formula says they should.  The state must address these inequities in opportunity and achievement by funding all schools to give students equal opportunities.

The Coalition for the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is launching community forums across Maryland to keep pushing for the long-term school funding commitment our students deserve.  The forum to help Baltimore County residents understand the Kirwan Commission recommendations will be held at 6:00 p.m. on October 24 at Woodlawn Middle School, 3033 St Luke’s Ln, Baltimore, MD 21207. Later, the Baltimore County League of Women Voters will provide information to our members through an informational meeting.

The Kirwan Commission’s recommendations undoubtedly will dramatically change pre-K–12 education in Maryland. For more information,;  the full report is at

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